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People who Own & Manage: How do you market?
Bigger Pockets People,I've been investing & managing in Upstate New York for over a year now, and have actually seen huge success in the functional, teambuilding, investment picking, operational stuff. But with a... View more
Licensed Architect Recommendations in Newburgh & Beacon
Hi there, I have a great quality drawing set for a renovation, but I need a licensed architect to sign and seal the drawings. Does anyone have a recommendation for an architect in Newburgh or Beacon, or elsewhere... View more
Hey Orange and Dutchess County, NY!
I'd like this post to serve as an introduction to the people in Upstate New York here on BP. I'd love to network with any agents, investors, wholesalers, or anyone else who likes to talk shop. I am currently looking... View more
Any luck removing bad tenants during CoVid?
Hello fellow New Yorkers.  We're in the Rochester area.Has anyone had any success in removing bad tenants during CoVid?  I have a tenant with an expired lease that I would like to quit.They have had a questionable... View more
Investing in Port Jervis, New York
We are looking into expanding our portfolio. We currently have been looking into Port Jervis, NY. Can anyone offer any information on the area? The infrastructure of the town? What is the job market there? Is it... View more
Wait time for hiring contractors?
Hi all,One of my buyers I'm representing as an agent is concerned with buying a property that requires some rehab ONLY because a friend of his bought a property in the Adirondacks region and says he won't be able to... View more
Looking for General Contractor in Lower Hudson Valley, NY
Hello Everyone, Happy New Year! I'm looking for a general contractor in the lower Hudson Valley, NY (Middletown/ Poughkeepsie). If you can refer one to me that would be awesome. Also I'm interested in networking with... View more
Rec For Attorney and Inspector Sullivan County NY
Hi BP family,We're looking at purchasing an off-market deal near Parksville, NY in Sullivan County and would like a recommendation for a good RE attorney and property inspector. I understand that a RE attorney doesn't... View more
Rensselaer Section 8
Hi everyone, I'm a new investor making my first offer on a 2 unit MF in Rensselaer. 3 brs in the area seem to go for around 800/month, but Section 8 says they will pay 1300/month. I was just curious to know if anyone... View more
Hello Rochester! New to REI
Hey everyone, I'm new to real estate investing and live in Rochester, NY. I'm looking to buy my first property, likely a SFH, within the next year and am trying to decide whether or not it makes sense to invest locally... View more
Investing in Syracuse | DON'T BE A SLUMLORD.
     Syracuse has been popping up as one of the best markets to invest in right now and for good reason. The property prices are very low, the job market is picking up, property appreciation in the areas outside of the... View more
Rochester, NY Wholesaler vs RE Agent
Hello BP, just having some true issues with getting my feet off of the ground and started. I just finished my RE class and took my exam but haven't taken a salesperson position yet so I don't have my license yet but I... View more
REI in Southern Tier NY
Hey BP folks, Wondering if anyone is doing things in the Southern Tier NY area. I am brand new to real estate. Considering buy-and-hold rental properties to BRRRR in my neck of the woods and trying to do due diligence.... View more
Property managers in Rochester, NY?
Hi, can anyone recommend property managers in Rochester, NY? And also, is there anyone here who knows the Rochester area? My wife and I are looking at doing some long-distance investing and would love to pick someone's... View more
Building a Team in Albany Area
I am still pretty new to the area but I am ready to jump in and start investing in multi-families in the Albany and surrounding areas.  Since this is something that is best done with a team of experts that know a lot... View more
Investing in Albany NY smart or not ??
I’m new to investing but would like to know if anyone has had experience in rental properties in Albany NY will it be the next big market ?
Hey Upstate! Looking to connect.
I'd like to introduce myself to this forum and see what kind of opportunities are out there. I am 21 year old currently living in Saratoga Springs and will be starting my final year of college this fall at Binghamton... View more
What can be done to get rid of tenants in upstate NY?
I've been assuming I know all the information there is at this time in regards to evictions in NY but as time passes and the moratorium keeps getting extended I'd like to start seeking more advice on the matter.  Is... View more
Petition for Landlord Rights in NYS
I've been patiently waiting and working my best with people as a landlord in Upstate New York as the eviction moratorium keeps getting extended again and again.  Many tenants are taking advantage of me and other... View more
Contractor in Albany NY
Hello BPers,I’m looking for a GC in Albany NY to remodel an investment property.  The project will require pulling permits and the GC will have to navigate the process as we’ll be managing the project remotely.  Thanks... View more
Female investors in Upstate NY?
Personally and professionally, I'm craving connection more than ever (it has been a long, weird 10 months and I miss our local meet ups). Some Albany-based female investors started a Rose, Rehabs, and Real Estate group... View more
Networking in Watertown NY
Hey guys,I'm a local real estate investor & agent in Watertown NY.  I'm reaching out to see if anyone in the Upstate Ny/Watertown area would be interested in meeting up for coffee?  I'm currently in the market for... View more
Hey Orange and Dutchess County, NY!
I'd like this post to serve as an introduction to the people in Upstate New York here on BP. I'd love to network with any agents, investors, wholesalers, or anyone else who likes to talk shop. I am currently looking... View more