4th Annual Seattle State of the Market

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I signed up for this site called bisnow.com about a month ago, and you can drill down to receive updates on markets in various cities. I signed up for Seattle, Denver, and Phoenix.

Anyway, there will be a Seattle State of the Market discussion and networking event being held in September. There appear to be a lot of big players in the RE world attending/speaking at this event, so it may be a good event to attend and soak up some information. Here is a brief bit about it:

Seattle State of the Market
Join Bisnow and some of the biggest movers and shakers in real estate for our 4th Annual Seattle State of the Market. We will be bringing together the most active and influential real estate figures in Seattle and across the country to discuss the state of the market and key trends projected for the next 12 months. Join us for what promises to be an informative and fun morning of discussion and networking with the Seattle business community!
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
1201 3rd Ave (26th Floor)
Seattle, WA 98101

Is this a free event? do you need to RSVP? is there a web site with more information? seems like a one day event, is it a whole day event?


No, it's not free. The current price is $59 (I think this is an early bird rate). It's a breakfast type of event - arrival time at 7:30am and ends around 10:30am.

Here's the link:


I'm new to Seattle, so I think this would be beneficial for me to attend in order to meet people, but also to get a feel of the marketplace, as I recently attended a hospitality industry breakfast where they spoke about the boom of growth and development in the Washington State landscape; especially the waterfront area. I'm eager to hear more and soak it in.

Thank you for sharing!

Originally posted by @Kathleen Wilcox:

Thank you for sharing!

 You're very welcome. 

Looks like its mainly large scale commercial?

I personally know a few of these individuals outside real estate. Good people BUT:

This is just going to be a talking head event. 

I would not waste your time or money. They are just going to talk their own businesses up. RE Agents etc....

@Bryan R.   Yes, it's definitely in that larger scale realm. I'm interested in the Commercial side, so I'm interested.

@Justin Case I'm new to the area; something like this is still of interest to me, but I can see how it probably wouldn't be of interest to everybody. I just wanted to provide the info in case somebody else may find some value in attending too. Appreciate your feedback though.

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