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The local forums are a great place to ask questions and get advice from other real estate investors in your area. You can use this category of the forums to make connections within your local real estate investing areas. Please take note that this forum is not for asking for recommendations for local referrals, lenders or loans. Referral requests MUST be placed in our Marketplace. Please post meet-ups in Real Estate Events and Happenings.

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Connect with agents & property management company Az area
Richard Merkuris Last post by Richard Merkuris, 31 minutes ago
Richard Merkuris Richard Merkuris 0 31 minutes Jump to last post
Houston/Galveston Meet Ups?
Muffy Breaux Last post by Muffy Breaux, about 2 hours ago
Muffy Breaux Muffy Breaux 22 about 2 hours Jump to last post
Networking Around the Portland, OR area.
Kelli Loo Last post by Kelli Loo, about 2 hours ago
Kelli Loo Kelli Loo 4 about 2 hours Jump to last post
Looking For Arkansas Contacts, Beginner Investor
Ricky Davis Last post by Ricky Davis, about 3 hours ago
Ricky Davis Ricky Davis 4 about 3 hours Jump to last post
Porch construction recs in Nashville
Kara Jordan Last post by Kara Jordan, about 4 hours ago
Kara Jordan Kara Jordan 2 about 4 hours Jump to last post
Cincinnati Property Management
Remee Martin Last post by Remee Martin, about 5 hours ago
Remee Martin Remee Martin 2 about 5 hours Jump to last post
Boston meetups north shore
Jonathan Bombaci Last post by Jonathan Bombaci, about 5 hours ago
Jonathan Bombaci Jonathan Bombaci 2 about 5 hours Jump to last post
Home inspectors in Indiana
Jason L. Last post by Jason L., about 6 hours ago
Jason L. Jason L. 4 about 6 hours Jump to last post
Portland Maine Short Term Rentals
Ned Payne Last post by Ned Payne, about 7 hours ago
Ned Payne Ned Payne 9 about 7 hours Jump to last post
Moving advice from San Jose to San Diego CA
Nicole Holcomb Last post by Nicole Holcomb, about 16 hours ago
Nicole Holcomb Nicole Holcomb 3 about 16 hours Jump to last post
Multi Family in New England
Luan Oliveira Last post by Luan Oliveira, about 17 hours ago
Luan Oliveira Luan Oliveira 15 about 17 hours Jump to last post
Anyone BRRRRing in Glens Falls, NY?
Colin Stuart Last post by Colin Stuart, 1 day ago
Colin Stuart Colin Stuart 3 1 day Jump to last post
New South jersey realtor
Jackie Jiang Last post by Jackie Jiang, 1 day ago
Jackie Jiang Jackie Jiang 0 1 day Jump to last post
Looking to network with folx!
Anthony Golden Last post by Anthony Golden, 1 day ago
Anthony Golden Anthony Golden 2 1 day Jump to last post
Looking for CPA in Madison, Wisconsin
Greg S. Last post by Greg S., 1 day ago
Greg S. Greg S. 3 1 day Jump to last post
Tucson, AZ Wholesalers
Kyle Swengel Last post by Kyle Swengel, 1 day ago
Kyle Swengel Kyle Swengel 0 1 day Jump to last post
Investor Friendly builders Chattanooga, Tn?
Chris Allen Last post by Chris Allen, 1 day ago
Chris Allen Chris Allen 1 1 day Jump to last post
Real estate investing
Leonel Vanegas Last post by Leonel Vanegas, 1 day ago
Leonel Vanegas Leonel Vanegas 0 1 day Jump to last post
Looking for RE agent that understand investing and house hacking
Thalia Mena Last post by Thalia Mena, 1 day ago
Thalia Mena Thalia Mena 1 1 day Jump to last post
Suggestions for hard money loan in Tri-Cities WA?
Haley Helland Last post by Haley Helland, 2 days ago
Haley Helland Haley Helland 0 2 days Jump to last post
Neighborhoods in Ashville and Columbus
Aaron Zimmerman Last post by Aaron Zimmerman, 2 days ago
Aaron Zimmerman Aaron Zimmerman 3 2 days Jump to last post
Being a real estate agent outside of where you grew up
Charlie Cameron Last post by Charlie Cameron, 2 days ago
Charlie Cameron Charlie Cameron 2 2 days Jump to last post
Looking for Kansas City contacts
Mike D'Arrigo Last post by Mike D'Arrigo, 2 days ago
Mike D'Arrigo Mike D'Arrigo 12 2 days Jump to last post
Investing in Windsor Ontario
Scott Innocente Last post by Scott Innocente, 3 days ago
Scott Innocente Scott Innocente 438 3 days Jump to last post
Raleigh planning for more development over Midtown
Abhishek Pareek Last post by Abhishek Pareek, 3 days ago
Abhishek Pareek Abhishek Pareek 1 3 days Jump to last post

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