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The local forums are a great place to ask questions and get advice from other real estate investors in your area. You can use this category of the forums to make connections within your local real estate investing areas. Please take note that this forum is not for asking for recommendations for local referrals, lenders or loans. Referral requests MUST be placed in our Marketplace. Please post meet-ups in Real Estate Events and Happenings.

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Wholesale/ Investor Friendly brokerages in Illinois
Sydney Hunter Last post by Sydney Hunter, about 1 hour ago
Sydney Hunter Sydney Hunter 3 about 1 hour Jump to last post
Networking in Baton Rouge Area
Robert Leonard Last post by Robert Leonard, about 1 hour ago
Robert Leonard Robert Leonard 1 about 1 hour Jump to last post
So whose in the Baton Rouge / Southern Louisiana area?
Fred Allen Last post by Fred Allen, about 5 hours ago
Fred Allen Fred Allen 3 about 5 hours Jump to last post
19140 North Philly Market
Bennett Schwartz Last post by Bennett Schwartz, about 7 hours ago
Bennett Schwartz Bennett Schwartz 6 about 7 hours Jump to last post
Harrisburg, PA investor
Eric Drum Last post by Eric Drum, about 8 hours ago
Eric Drum Eric Drum 6 about 8 hours Jump to last post
Investor Meet Up in Huntsville?
Patrick Bavaro Last post by Patrick Bavaro, about 9 hours ago
Patrick Bavaro Patrick Bavaro 7 about 9 hours Jump to last post
Networking in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge Area
Kaleb Batiste Last post by Kaleb Batiste, about 12 hours ago
Kaleb Batiste Kaleb Batiste 3 about 12 hours Jump to last post
Looking for Indianapolis Wholesalers
Romain Benjamin Last post by Romain Benjamin, about 24 hours ago
Romain Benjamin Romain Benjamin 5 about 24 hours Jump to last post
Buy and holds in Hawaii??????
Greg Gaudet Last post by Greg Gaudet, 1 day ago
Greg Gaudet Greg Gaudet 27 1 day Jump to last post
Any investors around Virginia Beach, Norfolk,Suffolk, or Chesap?
Jason Sampson Last post by Jason Sampson, 1 day ago
Jason Sampson Jason Sampson 3 1 day Jump to last post
New Orleans, LA Investing
Vincent Moore Last post by Vincent Moore, 1 day ago
Vincent Moore Vincent Moore 0 1 day Jump to last post
Orlando, FL and Raleigh, NC markets for out of state BRRR’s
Caileen Gonzalez Last post by Caileen Gonzalez, 2 days ago
Caileen Gonzalez Caileen Gonzalez 15 2 days Jump to last post
Any Bay Area Meetup
Royce Anies Last post by Royce Anies, 2 days ago
Royce Anies Royce Anies 15 2 days Jump to last post
Real Estate Investors Near Toledo, Ohio
Stephen Brown Last post by Stephen Brown, 2 days ago
Stephen Brown Stephen Brown 0 2 days Jump to last post
Investing in Windsor Ontario
Scott Innocente Last post by Scott Innocente, 2 days ago
Scott Innocente Scott Innocente 250 2 days Jump to last post
Real estate investors Buffalo, NY area
Mario Bonner Last post by Mario Bonner, 3 days ago
Mario Bonner Mario Bonner 8 3 days Jump to last post
Real Estate Meetups
Khorey Beauford Last post by Khorey Beauford, 3 days ago
Khorey Beauford Khorey Beauford 2 3 days Jump to last post
North Conway, New Hampshire meet up
Christian Manhard Last post by Christian Manhard, 3 days ago
Christian Manhard Christian Manhard 3 3 days Jump to last post
Rental Vacancies in Hampton Road, Virginia?
Lyne Swimpson Last post by Lyne Swimpson, 3 days ago
Lyne Swimpson Lyne Swimpson 0 3 days Jump to last post
Looking for country mates for connecting.
Ayush Gupta Last post by Ayush Gupta, 3 days ago
Ayush Gupta Ayush Gupta 0 3 days Jump to last post
REIA in Westchester County, NY
Adam Cherko Last post by Adam Cherko, 4 days ago
Adam Cherko Adam Cherko 6 4 days Jump to last post
How is Bay City, Michigan as a Market?
Manuel Prado Last post by Manuel Prado, 4 days ago
Manuel Prado Manuel Prado 11 4 days Jump to last post
First Time Investor Tips
Scott M. Last post by Scott M., 4 days ago
Scott M. Scott M. 5 4 days Jump to last post
Looking to connect in the Augusta, Ga area
Parker Collins Last post by Parker Collins, 4 days ago
Parker Collins Parker Collins 10 4 days Jump to last post
Looking for an Accountant!
John Duston Last post by John Duston, 4 days ago
John Duston John Duston 4 4 days Jump to last post

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