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Louisville Multifamily Investor Meetup?
Somewhat new to the Louisville area. I have been working on starting my own investing/management company for a few years. Just closed on my first property. Looking to expand my network and aggressively grow my... View more
Lender recommendations in Kansas city
Does anyone have any lender recommendations for new investors in the Kansas city, MO area? The best local banks you've found, hard money, or anyone else to look into?
Any Investors In South Florida?
Just trying to find some local house hackers to see what’s working for you guys.I’m a real eager investor here in SoFlo just looking to interact with people on the same wave length as I am.
Anyone know the status of the White Plains Mall redevelopment?
I searched online and there doesn’t seem to be any current news. They were set to move forward in 2018 and then stalled. The most recent article I found said that they still plan on going through with the massive... View more
Massachusetts (South Shore) connections.
Just looking to make some SOLID connections. Be it investors, learners, agents etc. If there is a solid enough group, possibly have a meet up as most have sat idle for a while. 
Chattanooga area market
Hi thereI’m looking for some information from some locals that are currently investing in the areas around Chattanooga TN. I am a licensed journeyman electrician currently working for a contractor in Asheville NC with... View more
Seeking Rapid City PM Referral
Hey Everyone,If you're reading this, I wish you well and thank you for any insight you may bring with you!I am looking to my Rapid City neighbors for referrals (primarily for property managers but I welcome any and all... View more
Looking for a quality Homeowners Insurance Company
Can anyone recommend a quality homeowner's insurance company that is nationwide?  I currently have properties in GA and NC.  I also have Allstate right now and have had very bad experiences so looking to make a switch.
Real Estate Investment Club St. Joseph MO
I am tossing around the idea of starting a real estate investment group / meet up in my area. I am trying to gauge interest and get tips on how to go about doing this. Has anyone else started their own local real... View more
Investing in Windsor Ontario
There is a lot of economic development going on in Windsor right now, so I've started this thread to keep people up to date on all the latest news.  As we all know, economic development is directly correlated with real... View more
Regina - Looking to network in Regina
Hey, my name is Jaydon. I am looking to network with people in the Regina area. Group chats/zoom meeting etc. Open to meeting with contractors, property managers, investors or anyone who wants to get in touch please... View more
Suggestions for a Realtor/Property Manager in Phoenix
Hi BiggerPockets,I've done some research and really think Phoenix is a great area to buy. I'm looking for a property around the Tempe/Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler area. A single family home, with 2-3 bdrms, price range... View more
Cleveland, Ohio - Property Manager
I am from Oregon, and I purchased a duplex in Euclid, Ohio almost a year ago.  The property management company I selected is not working out very well.  I am expecting that I will make a change in the very near future... View more
Townhouse rental in cumming ga
I have a townhouse under contract in cumming ga Forsyth county. Currently I am advertising in Zillow but I am not receiving good Tennant applications. Other than Zillow what are other websites or best way to market the... View more
Any investors living in the KCMO area?
I’m looking for local investors who are wanting to network, and possibly allowing me to help out with any maintenance or renovations! Always looking to learn more! Let me know how I can help!
Have you found a deal in the Sacramento, ca area?
Are you an investor in the sacramento, ca area? Are you finding deals in this area on small multi-family units (4 plex or less)? How are you going about finding them here in this crazy market? I'm about to buy my fisrt... View more
Sacramento meetups virtual/in person
Hello all,My name is Daniel I am looking to connect with local investors in the Sacramento area. I know there is a West Sac and Folsom meetups thats has happened but the forum seems to have no updates. Does any know if... View more
Moving to / Investing in Bremerton, WA
My husband and I temporarily relocating to Bremerton, WA (PCSing with the Navy, will be there 14-16 months) toward the end of 2021. I am trying to learn about the market there and get a jump on finding a good deal or... View more
Baja Sur / Mexico investing
Hi! I'm a long-time BP lurker, first-time poster. I'm interested in picking up a vacation rental or two in Mexico, most likely in Todos Santos or Los Cabos in the next year. I'd love to chat with anyone who's familiar... View more
Real Estate Investors in Huntsville/Birmingham AL
I will be traveling to Birmingham and Huntsville AL area in the next week or so and would love to meet up with some local investors there to network. Let me know if you can.
Bristol CT new investing looking to network
Hi everyone, I’ve been looking into investing a long time now and I was hoping to connect with some locals in my area that already have skin in the game, I live in Bristol CT chippens hill area, I am interested in... View more

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