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Los Angeles ADU/Duplex Appraisal Issues
I'm looking into buying a single family residence and building a second unit as a duplex or ADU, but my lender and other posts online say that is very difficult to get a correct appraisal done for a 2 unit home. In... View more
Investing in Windsor Ontario
There is a lot of economic development going on in Windsor right now, so I've started this thread to keep people up to date on all the latest news.  As we all know, economic development is directly correlated with real... View more
Seller Contract - Improvements Clause (Seller Financed)
Seller included the following clause in the Improvements section of our contract (using Seller Financing):Buyer shall keep the premises in good repair at their own expense during the life of this contract, and shall... View more
20% down on 1st buy property. Any suggestions would be great.
Hi BP. I need real help on finding any type of assistance on obtaining my 20% down on a fix and flip. This is my first investment and dont want to lose it. Any suggestions will be great. Thank you.
Are here any investors from Topeka, KS?
Hi everybody, I have researched the forum and also the local groups, but haven't found anybody from the Topeka area in Kansas. I am purchasing here a multifiamily investment property, and I will be looking for a... View more
Tax delinquent list in Weld County
Hello my name is Miguel. I am new to real estate investing and I am currently looking for tax delinquent properties in my market (Weld County). I am having a hard time finding a list of properties on the county... View more
Seeking Realtor recommendations for South Padre Island, TX
I'm looking to purchase a buy and hold investment property on South Padre Island, TX and am looking for recommendations for a local realtor my wife and I can meet with later this month. Thanks!Tony
Moving into Denver Area - What Areas to Focus On?
I'll be moving in June and hoping to house hack and then turn into a rental. Lots of neighborhoods, hoping someone can lend a hand with personal experience.
Handyman recommendationin Columbia SC?
Hi all, i live in Roswell GA and I have a 3 bdrm student house in Columbia SC near the university.  I'm looking for a reliable local handyman in Columbia. Does anyone have a suggestion or recommendation?  Thank you!
New Investor in Indianapolis building a network!
Hello, all!I'm a new investor looking to get my start in Indianapolis. I'm looking to BRRRR two properties this year and try to double up every year after until I hit 30 properties.I'm looking to meet other like-minded... View more
Investment rentals in CT
Looking to move to CT soon be closer to family but with a mindset of buying some property and making some reoccurring income. Anyone here has any experience in the market? I'm looking to ask some questions especially... View more
Zoom REI meet-ups for NJ
Hi BP I'm new in REI and would like to buy a multi-family home in NJ with easy commuters access to NYC. Is there a real estate group doing zoom meetings at this time? I d like to learn more about the areas and... View more
Networking in Philadelphia
I am still fairly new to real estate. However I am looking to network with people in my area (Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery county). Also if you have one piece of advice for a newbie please let me know what that... View more
Primary Residence Refinancing under business or personal loans .
I am in real estate investing with a LLC already established. Our primary resident is in need of refinancing. For those being in real estate for so long , are there any benefits tax wise (Obviously my local CPA is... View more
Anyone here in Puerto Rico?
Hey BP friends,I recently found myself in Puerto Rico. I kind of moved there by accident actually. But hey, now it’s home. Anyone else live or invest in the area?Would love to connect. Cheers,André
First Rental Property
Looking to buy my first Rental property in the Palm Springs, Ca market. Is anyone currently investing in the area, if so, what is your niche/target market? Price points; markets; etc. Need some help thanks in advance!
Northeast Florida Networking
Just moved to Palm Coast from Central FL and looking to connect! I'll be focusing from Jacksonville to OrmondWho are my fellow investors?Rehabbers?Contractors? Property managers?
MFR/Commercial Investing in Bay Area, CA
Hi Everyone,New investor here from the Bay Area who has spent a majority of the Covid Pandemic researching REI and looking for the best investment path/vision to follow. Commercial and MFR (8-30 unit) investing appear... View more
Anyone interested or already attending a RE meetup in Pittsburgh?
Hey everyone,I’m looking to see if anyone is interested in a Pittsburgh meetup to discuss shop and network. Or does anyone know of a meetup that’s already established?Interested in hearing from everyone in the area,... View more
Investors in Worcester MA
Hello!I'm a brand new investor in Worcester. I just bought my first property and I am house hacking it. This year I am looking to buy 3 more properties. I'm trying to figure out the right strategy for me. I'm... View more
Moving to / Investing in Bremerton, WA
My husband and I temporarily relocating to Bremerton, WA (PCSing with the Navy, will be there 14-16 months) toward the end of 2021. I am trying to learn about the market there and get a jump on finding a good deal or... View more

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