New home buyer in Houston area using VA Loan. Already Approved

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Hi, as the title states, I am already approved for a VA home loan. I am a first time home buyer in the Houston area looking for a great Realtor. I am looking at homes in the Humble area, but I am not apposed to other areas in Northwest Houston. I would specifically prefer a Realtor who is a prior Veteran, but knows their stuff too, no offense to you other great Realtors out there, I just would like to help a fellow Veteran out. Thanks!


Hello David. Congrats on having the moxy to get pre approved and to use the incredible BP platform for advice and to connect with knowledgable professionals. I am a vet and a Realtor... In Chicago, want to work together long distance? Just kidding of course but I wanted to mention that one of my specialties is veterans and multi-family for their home. Right now the VA has some fantastic programs and financing for up to 4 units. It's not for everyone but you are here so you must be thinking about real estate investing for $0 down. I noticed a realtor from Houston responded to your post, he will probably have details. If not he can contact me and I will point him in the right direction, no strings attached.

Good luck and take the plunge into real estate, single family or MF, whatever fits.  Thank you for your service.

Mike Lund, Oak Park, IL

Congrats on your new adventure in real estate! 

Owning your 1st property is the 1st step to future wealth building ! 

Nice work using BP networking ! 

@Mike Lund  - just wanted to send a shout out to a fellow Chicago area investor ! 

I'm not a vet, understand if you want to go in that direction. Other than that my wife and I are the best team around :) I'll send you a private message tomorrow we are in and out of airports until tomorrow morning.

Thanks Mike, let's just say that I have been listening to the podcast for sometime, now reading books on real estate and so forth prior to showing up on here and prior to making the decision to purchase a home. I try to do a little homework on things I am looking to get into... seems to be only commonsense to do it that way. Also Mike, yes I am possibly looking at other options. My goal is to get my first home though for myself and eventually start adding a few more here and there to become a landlord for some cash flow. I am not sure how I feel about multifamily units though yet, I am looks for more single family residential units for myself and to rent out... I am not saying that it is something that I wouldn't look into though. I will check it out. Thanks Clifford. Tim, thanks for understanding and respecting what I am looking for. Go ahead and shoot me a pm so I can have your info just in case I don't find the certain individual with the right skills that I am looking for.

Welcome @David Hartmann,

I am an Air Force veteran and a new investor to BP myself (my wife is also an Air Force veteran). Congrats on your qualification and future home purchase. We bought our first home over 15 years ago with a VA loan, and I wish had know about BP at that time (oh well). Wishing you well, and you will learn a ton of information from this site (I am currently working on my first flip using information from a book by @Brandon Turner).

Thanks to all my BP associates and the entire BP community!

Rodney G.

So it has been a year now since I've been looking, now I am ready to make a move. I have found a home in the Spring area. I have a realtor. I am now looking for a great VA lender. Any suggestions. Thanks y'all!

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