Anyone in Tampa, FL area willing to Mentor?

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I have lived in Tampa for about six months now, moving from the Miami area. I'm seeking someone to correspond with on the ups and downs of real estate investing and someone I can learn from as I progress in my knowledge. The real estate investing world is very vast and can feel very overwhelming. I am a scientist by profession so I tend to over analyze everything!  I have done my homework, videos, research, and have read, and currently reading many books but I want the real life view of what this is like. I would like to see what its like to flip a house from start to finish. So you can expect a mentee who is knowledgeable and doesn't take up much time.

I can send a list of questions, correspond via PM as well. 

Hey @Tabia Augustin , I am a full time investor and agent in the area. I wouldn't mind answering questions you have, feel free to drop me a PM and I would be glad to share my knowledge/experience/successes/failures that I have learned over the years. 

Hey Tabia,

I moved to Tampa a year ago from Miami. Got my first duplex in March I’d love to tell you my experience so far!


@Tabia Augustin you're probably safe going to a local REIA club, try where you can meet a lot of local investors. In the past we have done a weekly walk through of a rehab to show the progress. You're likely to get a more hands on experience offering to be a project manager or assist with that. It might include doing some work, running errands and being at the property multiple times a week to give the rehabber updates. At a later point you might be able to negotiate a small % of equity for being involved once you've proven yourself. Just a thought...

The best experience you can gain will be taking the action and start investing.

Originally posted by @John Thedford :

The best experience you can gain will be taking the action and start investing.

Anyone got a FARBAR "as is" contract they can email to @Toby Mims

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