Any one know a trust worthy contractor in kansas city mo?

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@Janet Chou Have you had good luck with Under Pressure? I have not used them, but I’ve tried using them twice. The first time I scheduled a meeting with the owner to discuss rental remodels and when I showed up for the meeting he across the street to eat and told the secretary to tell me to wait (on the phone). The second time they just never returned my call. I don’t have experience with them, but I’ve heard others had good experiences.
@Aaron Maxwell Aaron, I’ve spent most of my studies and time working on a big problem in construction. There is a shortage of skilled tradespeople and while I hear many focusing on recruiting people to these jobs, I’ve focused on changing what these jobs are! It’s amazing how efficient someone can be with a clear path to more than they currently have. And amazing how job cost can lower with the same innovations that are in other fields like technology. I have some amazing guys on my team whose trust I have earned. If TMobile is the “uncarrier,” we want to be the “uncontractor.” My advice, after checking for proper work comp, is to meet with your contractor with his crew. You will find out much in that environment. We just understand too much about what really motivates and causes production to allow the construction industry to sit 40 years behind. Feel free to message me. I’d be happy to share any contractor contacts I have.