Chicago attorney to review rental agreeement

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I’m renting my house and am looking for a good lawyer to review the rental agreement that our realtor shared with us. I want to make sure we’re protecting ourselves. Thanks!

CAR Rental agreement always protects the tenant's .  It has all the disclosures and a tight contract ; full disclosure !

No worries it's tenant friendly it's Chicago -

Morgan, I assume you are in the city. If so I would reach out to Verella Osbourne she has one of the most comprehensive Landlord friendly leases I have seen. Personally, I think the CAR lease doesn't do a very good job of protecting the LL, it covers the basics but that is about it. 

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@Morgan Carroll you’ll pay an attorney at least $250 to review your lease and explain it to you. BP, as part of their pro membership has a number of attorney review and state/city compliant leases available in their toolkit. There is one for Chicago as well. I usually refer my clients to that form.