Land in Merced County near Los Banos

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Hi everyone! I'm trying to help a friend figure out what to do with some land he owns in Merced County, CA. He's got 40 acres of land near the San Luis Resevior that's zoned for Agriculture. Unfortunately, there's no paved road, but there should be gravel or a dirt path leading to the property line. A few ideas that we came up with:

- Solar Panel farm

- Animal grazing (not sure if that actual generates income)

- Shooting range

- Camp grounds

If anyone out there wants to share ideas, that would be great! We can create a win-win for everyone involved. 

If you need details, PM me. I'll try to provide as much as I can. 

My apologies in advance if this was the wrong place to post this!!

Are there utilities on the property? Are there any future plans with the county to develop area around it? What is everyone else doing with their property?

Grazing may be an option, at the least it may help keep the weeds down.

Or maybe just sell to an adjacent owner and use the funds to buy a home in town!

@mary lou L. 

The land is barren. No utilities, no septic. My friend and I tried to dig up any plans from the county and the closest thing that may influence anything is the high-speed rail that passes through the county, but not too close to location of the land. We searched for plans earlier this year so maybe something new came up. Thanks for the reminder!

I appreciate your input, thank you!

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