How to find out how much owner/s owe on a house?

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Hello guys, There is this house in my neighborhood that has not pay their property taxes since 2014, so I’m assuming she hasn’t pay her mortgage payments as well. I have drove by her house a few days now and noticed her garage door has been opened for three days along with possible eviction notice on her front door. So, what I am wondering is how does this work? If I contact her via letter and see if we can make an offer including paying her property taxes since 2014 to hope she is more willing to sell. If she agrees and have missed mortgage payments, does this mean I have to cover all those mortgage payments as well? What’s the best approach to handle this?

@Brittani-Kaye Lorenzen Greetings,

If you are looking to do an arms length transaction (straight up sale) paying her taxes will not be a unique selling point because the taxes will have to be paid regardless when property switches hands. Same applies for mortgage payments. At settlement, closing attorney/title company will pay off mortgage, taxes, utility bills, and any other liens against property with buyer's funds. After all fees and expenses are paid, seller will take what's left. Looks like you have identified someone that may have motivation. I would suggest trying to get in touch with the person by phone and go from there.

Hope this helps! Peace!

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