Posted about 2 months ago


Sometimes I don't feel like working , but I remember that there is a kid in humble beginnings watching. What message would I be sending if I didn't work today? That is the thought that gets me out of bed and get to work looking for my next deal on the days I don't feel like working. I think of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. I know that some games they dont feel like putting their 100% effort in a game then they look into the crowd and see a kid who is seeing them play for the first time and will never see them play again which propels them to a great performance. Same thing with me. I think of the kid that's dabbling in the streets or have a disability. They might have given up on their future until they see somebody like me who looks like them doing great things because of real estate. And that might inspire them to look into real estate. LETS WORK!