Posted about 2 months ago

going the extra mile to skip trace

Today marks the last day of week 6 of 13 of our campaign.

I found that we talked to 30% of the decision makers in our list. Our goal is to talk to 75% of the owners by the end of next month.

In real estate we are so dependent to the accuracy of our sellers list. Remember that the harder it is to get in touch of a particular owner it is easier to "sell" him in selling his property to me because he hasn't talked to many buyers other than me. People don't want to go the extra step in the skip tracing. Therefore, there is an untapped pool of owners that is waiting to be sold on the idea of selling their properties.

Now my job is to figure out how to get in contact with these owners. I am thinking of looking for property deeds to see who is the current owners. I am also thing about researching their relatives and leveraging social media.

Has anybody here gotten over this obstacle before? What did you do?

Is there anywhere online to access property deeds without going through the county office (can be time consuming)?