Posted almost 2 years ago


Two weeks ago I was thinking about quitting my W2 and start a 2nd business.

I was thinking about starting a bookkeeping business focused on small to medium real estate owners.

I was frustrated that I did not close on a property in 2020. I wanted to be a full time investor.

However, I had one fear which was starting a 2nd business will be a distraction to my real estate investment business. My real estate business is the most important thing to me and I don't want any distractions that will stand in the way. My mentor reassured me that the 2nd business will be a distraction because you need to learn the business and get it running. My mentor mentioned that the smarter move is to close on the apartment deal first then start a 2nd business and quit your W2 if you want to. So I will listen to my mentor. I won't start a 2nd business until I close on my first apartment or if I lose my job or something. Focus is one of the strongest forces in the universe.

I would like to share 2 proverbs to illustrate my point about patience and focus:

1) If you chase 2 rabbits you will  catch none

2). There was a young bull and a dad bull on top of a hill. The young bull said, "'let's run down this hill and get one of those cows". The dad bull replied, "no son, let's walk down this hill and get them all".