Posted about 2 months ago

money follows attention

Even if you have millions of dollars to invest in a deal you will eventually need investors to invest in your next deals because capital goes fast in real estate.

Don't wait when you need money for you to start asking for money. People do business with who they know and like.

This is why I am getting as much attention as I can on my real estate. I am on BiggerPockets, IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse. When people think real estate I want them to think about me.

I want people to be a part. of my journey. I want people to see my failures and successes so they can relate to me. I already got soft commitments from people to invest with me in the future. I just have to keep track of them.

The number one excuse I hear from people is that, "they want to be low key in what they are doing." I would argue that we we are real estate investors/entrepreneurs, not criminals, why would you not want people to know what you are doing? You'll never get rich thinking like that.