Posted about 2 months ago

you need to be firm as a business owner

I'm all about helping people and being understanding. If people in the team make a mistake I'll give them encouragement and a chance to fix the problem. My issue comes when mistakes are repeated and it costs me money. Anybody can get replaced.

The hardest part about business is making tough decisions. People get too involved with their emotions and their business suffers. I have made that mistake before.

As a business owner, you got to understand that when you replace a team member it will be costly. However, if you don't cut the root of the problem things will only get worst. When people decide they want to quit your company they decide months or years before actually quitting. Sometimes it's better to cut your losses.

Based on my experience people fail because of their lack of systems or attitude. I can fix systems, but I can't fix attitude. If I recommend system improvements and you ignore it and the issue reoccurs then we need to go our separate ways.