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Posted 11 months ago

How "Sustainable Buildings" contribute to Gentrification

When Cities and Towns require Stretch Code and LEED certified buildings they unwittingly raise housing prices and contribute to gentrification.

Essentially, these codes drive up the price of construction. That has 2 effects. 

  1. 1. Drive up the cost of buying or renting property
  2. 2. Making projects unaffordable for developers

Both of these raise prices, and push out those who don't have the ability to afford the higher prices.

This is happening in Boston, prices for new Condos are so high it keeps people in rentals longer and drives up rental prices.

The same thing is starting to happen in Worcester. The Building department and the Fire Codes inspectors keep raising the bar on what they will accept.  So when the building department requires new wiring, or the Fire Inspector requires sprinklers, the cost of the building goes up.

This makes rents and sale prices rise.

This is one of the main reasons that long term residents of Worcester are being pushed to places like Webster and Southbridge which are more affordable communities.