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Posted 11 months ago


Here is another great article from Banker and Tradesman:

We support these sentiments.

Making housing affordable is not just about creating "affordable housing".

The city of Worcester is working hard to get developers to simply build more units.  Yes, they are pushing new regulations to require a % of units be "affordable" but this isn't as important as some of those proponents think.

You will see that most of the new housing being produced is better than the existing housing.  This will pull renters out of the best 3 deckers and into these new complexes as they have the most $ to spend on housing.

What this does is free up more "reasonable priced" housing for people further down the price spectrum.

This will put downward pressure on prices and landlords will reposition their properties to the appropriate tenants.

When we limit the ability to build housing, we essentially allow those with existing units carte blanche to raise rents on their captive audience.

MORE HOUSING is the only solution.