Attention Newbies: Someone Is Reading Your Blog

Posted on Friday, May 09

I’ve been a member of BiggerPockets since July 30th of 2013 and never did I think that 9 months ago I’d be sitting here writing about my successes and struggles as a new real estate investor.Even as a new investor I am discovering that people out there are interested in reading my blog.I used to ask myself what’s the point in writing a blog when no one is reading it.I didn’t have any comments or retweets of my blog so why keep writing?The other night I had a gentleman come up to me in our local REIA group and tell me that he enjoyed the blog post I wrote on bigger pockets about the challenges of investing in Indianapolis.Talk about more motivation to write!That’s all the motivation I needed.Someone in my Indianapolis investor network valued my contribution and the sharing of my knowledge.

No matter how new you are to investing you have something of value that you can share with others in the community.You have to remember that there are others just like you in your own backyard that are experiencing the same struggles and successes you are as an investor.It doesn’t matter if you are not as experienced as the J. Scott, Jerry Puckett, or Sharon Vornholt’s of the BiggerPockets community.You have to realize that it’s more important to make connections on a personal level with other investors in your area.This is exactly why BiggerPockets created the ability to search for other investors that are local to you.You can even search by zip code.If you update your personal blog regularly, have a voice, share your knowledge, and keep it honest, then someone in your local community will read and learn from your blog.

You may think no one reads your blog because no one is commenting, or retweeting the same way people comment on Brandon Turners Blog.Do you think Brandon Turner or any of the other bloggers that are featured on the BiggerPockets blog gave up after a few posts? If every blogger on BiggerPockets gave up after a few posts with no comments, shares, or retweets, then there would be no BiggerPockets Blog.

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  1. Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo

    Nice post, Ben. People are watching and reading . . . you may not always get feedback, but as you give of yourself, you'll find that it comes back around. This is true both here on the blogs and as you engage on the forums.

    1. Tiny_1399710171-avatar-bengrise

      Thank you for the kind words Josh. I totally wasn't expecting any comments but it's nice to know that people are out their reading what I'm writing!

  2. Tiny_1399720204-avatar-davevisaya

    Very well said sir!

    1. Tiny_1399710171-avatar-bengrise

      Thank you David. Do you have a blog?

  3. Tiny_1400108325-avatar-woola33

    Wise words!  I'm in those very same shoes now!

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