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Hello! I am an investor in Austin looking to buy a multifamily property in San Antonio. I go there for work multiple times per month but am very unfamiliar with the real estate values and best places to purchase. I need a local expert that can help find and send me properties. Any recommendations of Realtors or Brokers who specialize in investment properties would be very helpful. Thank you!

Hey @Taylor Philley my partner @John Barr is a realtor here in SA that specializes in investment properties. We don’t see Multifamily properties making sense right now. They’re way too over priced. If you’re looking for cash flow SFR are producing much better returns.

@Taylor Philley I'm very experienced and familiar with San Antonio multifamily 2-4 unit properties. Feel free to contact me, I'd be open to having a conversation to learn more about how I might be able to help!

Hey Taylor


I got dirt in gal and the group

if you an investor?

you have this at 3.8% x 365 you should do alright

do a .05 down option

you should do alright w a 2 window

call shells


@Taylor Philley @Jonatan Barbera   Hello Taylor -  I agree with Jonatan above.  The multi-family right now is very tough to get into, and poses extreme management challenges.  Look at it from a perspective of where YOU would want to live and feel safe.  That's probably not the $600 1 bedroom apartment.....which attracts $600 tenants.  Look for good single family homes in stable neighborhoods considered "B" class.  To me, that's $1,000 to $1,800 per month.  I know - broad range - but this will give you atleast a bit of a guide.  

Give Jonatan's team a call above - feel free to reach out to us with any management questions.  

Good luck out there! 

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