Know anyone for roof repair in Petaluma, CA?

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I am looking for a roofing contractor to repair some flashing/shingles around the solar mounts on a roof. Everyone I have contacted is booked out at least 6 weeks. If you know anyone interested in this type of work please send their contact information. My email is [email protected]



@Bill Bockwoldt

Sorry to do it this way, but my email is on strike right now.

When we redid our Santa Rosa house, my very anal GC husband would only call one company:  Hovden Roofing. 707-537-9601 or   Owner's name is Wayne.  He is a great guy that does quality work.  Don't know if he is busy now, but might be able to give you a name if he is.  If he asks, let him know Nathan Meyer that moved to Texas.