Purchasing 1st property in Port Washington, WI

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My wife and I are closing on an upper/lower duplex in Port Washington, WI. We plan on living in the nicer unit while we update the other unit and eventually househacking once we are able to move into the smaller and newly updated unit.

We are going to try to do most of the remodeling work on our own, but have a few items that we know we will need help with. These include adding a closet (framing and drywall) to a bedroom, some plumbing in one of the bathrooms and will need a new roof sooner rather that later (been thinking about going with a metal roof because of the longer lifespan).

We are currently looking for local (Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Cedarburg, Grafton, Ozaukee, SE Wisconsin) individuals and/or businesses to help provide these services: plumbing, new metal roof and framing and drywall for a new wall/closet.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

congrats on the deal!  I bet there are some folks in the port Washington area that would have good contractor recommendations. 

@Matt Paluchniak a congratulations on your closing. I have a local contact here. Not sure if he makes it up to PW but I'm happy to give you the contact info. Send me a private message if you'd like. Happy househacking!

congrats on the purchase.

Id be happy to help you out / teach you on some of those things if you'd like, recommend what would be better to contract out. Things are settling down with our property and I have tenants moving in next weekend so be pretty available after that. You have my cell.

Hard to make the finances work for a (good) metal roof unless you plan to keep the property a loooonng time...


Congrats @Matt Paluchniak on your recent purchase. I looked at duplexes for several months in Port Washington and most looked to be a good investment. I'm focused on the Milwaukee market but believe Port Washington is a good market and will only get better in years to come as I think it's an undervalued market and great location on the lake. 

Best wishes on the property and rehab. Unfortunately, I do not have any contractors to recommend but feel free to reach out with any other investing questions. Happy to help any way I can.

Hello and congrats on the place. I am avid biggerpockets website user. My wife and I currently live in West Bend. We renovated our first place which is a foreclosed condo all ourselves plus family help. I work at Kohl's Floorcovering in Cedarburg and if you would ever need consolidation on your flooring let me know. Of course no charge for a fellow ozaukee county resident. 

Thanks everybody for the responses, every piece of information helps!

Thanks @Brian Head We close the first weekend in December and we are hoping to get as much work done in the upper unit as possible before Christmas. I'll reach out to you as we get closer. Anything in particular that you like doing?

Thanks @Rya Benson, appreciate it!

@Matt Paluchniak why wouldn't you rent the nicer apartment and live in the one that needs work.  It would make it easier for you to get work done as you live there than if a tenant was there and you probably can get more rent for the nicer apartment?  I may be wrong, but I was once told by an investor is that you always take the place that needs work so you can get it done while sill bringing in revenue.  

@Joe Martella we plan on renting the nicer unit because we will be able to get more for it. But, because the unit to be remodeled only has one bathroom and both the kitchen and bathroom will be remodeled at the same time we didn't want to have to live through that as first time investors and first time home buyers. I definitely agree with what you're saying though, the goal will be to get into the remodeled unit ASAP so that we can get renters into the nicer unit. Thanks for the feedback!

Hello Man.  I live in West Bend but invest in Sheboygan.

I have a good roofer that I have used on my primary residence.  He does exceptional work and is really reasonable.

I will PM you with his contact.

Good luck on your first place, very exciting stuff!!

Hi, @Jeff G,  If you don't mind, if also be interested in connecting with your roofing contact if possible! I have a property in Mequon ill be looking at soon that needs an immediate scope of work on the roof (multiple sags). 

@MattPaluchniak, good luck on your live in rehab! My wife and I are looking to do the exact same thing this coming spring.. Let us know how it all goes!

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