SFH fix n flip general contractor recommendations in Chicago?

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Hey! I am new to the fix n' flip game and would like to know if anyone has any GOOD and "less than retail" GCs they can refer me to for single family home remodels in the NW neighborhoods of Chicago and burbs.


Ahhh, the mythical "good and less than retail GC" - I've heard they exist, just haven't seen/found any yet.

Maybe best to settle on good, RELIABLE, and reasonable instead of less than retail. Discussing details with a GC, if you are knowledgeable, will demonstrate you are not a fool and take away the "retail premium".

If you PM me I can give you a couple names to stay away from.

@Christopher Kramer whats your scope of work and time table . I have a couple of guys I can recommend. one lives in DP and the other in Mt. Prospect. My experiance with both have been pleasant. if you are still looking shoot me a PM. good luck

@Chris Titcomb Indeed they do. What I meant is not the GC that is going to mark up everything and charge a crazy amount for doing Mr. and Mrs. Smith's one time kitchen remodel. Someone more investor friendly that will be doing A LOT of work with me.

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