Tile that looks like wood - sun/fade resistant?

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We're thinking about doing the porcelain tile in our home - and love the stuff that looks like wood. Does anyone have experience with this material and/or a preferred brand? I'm also wondering how sun-resistant it is? We have so much sun in our unit that the current (cheap) laminate has "sun stains" / major fading around the carpets. I know the tile (and installation) isn't cheap - so I don't want to break the bank if it's going to fade easily. Thanks in advance.

Hi Christen,

No tile does not fade - at least none that I have heard of.  It will hold up amazingly well for as long as you want it to - as long as it is installed correctly.  Porcelain is the best for floors because of it's durability.  Being in Seattle, I would seriously consider putting a heating system under the tile if you are planning on doing it on your main floors.  Sun Touch or Schluter.  Of course, if you are using area rugs, those might suffice to keep the coldness of the tile at bay.  As for tile brands - Florida Tile is still made in the US, Green Guard certified, ADA certified and great quality for the price.

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