Researching Markets, MSAs & Neighbrhds - Good website suggestns?

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Hi there, folks.   Happy Holidays.

My team and I are compiling a list of websites and data sources that we can turn to to determine whether a particular market / MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) is worth investing in.  We're focused primarly on the areas of job growth, population growth, and the vibe of the larger/main neighborhoods within the cities.

Our target asset are multifamily/apartment buildings with 50 units or more.

Some websites that we've seen mentioned in the BP forums include the following:



NOTE:   Giving credit here Nicolas Paez from Dallas, TX for referencing sites 3) thru 6) above in reply to another investor's posting.   Thanks, Nicolas.

Wanted to know if anyone could suggest other good websites that they've consulted/referred to when assessing good/strong national markets?

Thanks - in advance - for any info you can share.


~  Al M.

Hi there, Hattie.

Many thanks for this suggestion.  Believe it or not, I actually spoke with a CA investor on Monday who referenced the same Texas A&M website that you did.   Go figure.  He considered it to be a "hidden gem" resource, and it looks like you had discovered this for yourself as well.  

Well, again, thanks for sharing ... I will definitely be referencing this website more and more for the information my team and I are looking for.

Take there & best with all.

~  Al M.