Interviewing Real Estate Agents (and lawyers, accountants, etc.)

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i'm interviewing some real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, etc. does anyone have any advice on good questions to ask them during our meetings? thanks. 

@Abhi Golhar great advice, and great video response, thank you! i met with one broker who yes is an invester herself, but she is looking for similar properties as i am. do you think that is a conflice (i.e., she will only show me properties that she first passes on herself). let me know what you think, and thanks again.

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Hi Abhi,

I am an agent that has made it her business to know the ins-outs and flavors of each neighborhood that I really care about/have a personal connection with.  The idea of knowing about each neighborhood of Atlanta that I have a huge passion for really fires my interest!  Perhaps you could ask agents and contractors what they know about each neighborhood and what special, potentially unknown qualities about the area that they know of?  It will not only get them excited to talk, they might just spill about something/some asset/gem that you haven't heard of yet!

Have an awesome night.


Hi @Jesse Danzig

Here is a post where I answered questions on top questions to ask Real Estate agent. 

For Accountants/Tax - specifically related to RE - 

1. Ask if they work with Real Estate investors? What percent of customers are Real Estate investors?

2. Do they own any rental real estate investments?

3. Discuss tax strategies for your personal scenario and why they recommend the same? Pros/Cons

Also check this link for additional questions you may want to consider

Good Luck!