Looking for 1st deal in fairfield county CT

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Hey everyone,

I'm fairly new to BP (6 months) and real estate investing. I listened to countless podcasts and read some books too. I now, am looking into getting into the game.

Recently got my pre-approval for $300k conventional @3.8% and armed with it i decided to start hunting for deals and found a 2 family in Stamford for $246k. I was super exited until I went to see it. turns out, i would had to put at least $150k into it just to make it livable.

So, i found this great realtor in Norwalk that could help me find "actual" deals and will be going out to see houses with her and hopefully find "the deal of a life time!" (can never be too optimistic)

I'm looking for a multifamily house, that would be able to bring in some money. I'm not opposed to fixer uppers as i can do any repair with the company I also own. Mainly looking into getting started in real estate investing. 

So if anyone knows of any deals and would like to talk. Also any one that would like to give advice on the deals I'm presented. 

kindly let me know. 


Hi Aquila,

I'm also a real estate agent/investor living in Stamford. With a budget of 300k budget it might be hard to find a 2 family in Stamford or Norwalk. There are some deals that come up from time to time though.

If you ever want me to look over a deal your thinking about Id be happy to. Good luck with your hunt. 


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