Georgia - Rental Investment Guidance

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Dear All


Hope you all are doing fine and enjoying best of your health and wealth. 

I am a new member , living overseas ,  passive investor . Currently have 2 properties in Gwinnette , Ga and Dubai . Currently I have 150,000/- usd to invest in Georgia .

Please advise me best place to invest whether in SFR or townhomes/condos or commercial which can give me monthly yield of around 1500/- . Appreciation is good but not a must . I m looking for a property which has high occoupancy rate and nice tenants.

I have a good credit score so mortgage can also be sought if needed for high priced property.

Is buying a duplex in lawrenceville , Ga a good idea ... 185,000  and only rent 1500 combined.

How about 120-140 K priced condos , appartment in smyrna  , dunwoody , alpharetta , marietta ...a good idea .

thanking you in advance  for your support and guidance

best wishes

@Faisal Saeed Condos in the areas you listing will certainly command higher rent that a duplex in Lawrenceville but the two trade offs you want to be mindful of are HOA rental restrictions and HOA fees that will cut into you net profit. If you want to go into more detail about this feel free to reach out to me.