High DTIR, good credit, and va loan eligible

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So my dtir concerns me at times as I have about 90+k in student loans and have been working overseas for a low but nontaxed salary (so, easy to save and have cash on demand when I return). I am enrolled in the income based repayment program so my payments are minimal and I've been planning to utilize the loan repayment program as I am an educator, BUT I feel this may bite me in the butt when it comes time to request financing and it is noted that my dtir is so significant. My credit score is currently about a 740 and rising. Has anyone else had a tough time with dtir with regard to receiving financing? I would also like to not that I would actually like to purchase as many of my properties as possible under my LLC, but haven't figured out just yet how that works when I go with the va loan option for a property that I may choose to live in. Should I be concerned? Any advice/guidance would be appreciated!