How much do you spend on acquiring lists for motivated sellers

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I created an account on ListSource and built a list for absentee owners within my area. It's ~$250 to purchase the list. I still need to compile a list for probate, divorce and pre-foreclosure. I'm curious how much money people are spending on just compiling a list of leads. I hear a lot about how much money is required for a direct mail campaign but never hear any wholesalers or flippers mention what they spend on lead generation. I know that there are other ways to find leads (court records, etc.) but I'm trying to go with something as quick and efficient as possible since I have a full-time job. Thanks in advance

I'm at about $.03/record for a ListSource list. I do some other lead generation with manual data scraping, and that can be $1/record. That's probably more than I should be paying...

There's a website that supposedly has an inherited list, and they were $1.4/record I believe. Usually the more targeted the list, the more expensive the lead, but it ends up saving you money by not mailing as many people.