Chicago Investors: Thoughts on Illinois Medical District?

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Hey all,

For those investing in Chicago, I'm curious what your thoughts are on the Illinois Medical District area.  Most deals I've looked at & offered on are on the North side so I'm not hugely familiar with the area, but there looks to be a lot of investment pouring into it (The Gateway project, Cook County Hospital redevelopment, etc.) and rents seem pretty strong.  Does anyone have experience investing here?  Any feedback on vacancy rates & tenant class?  I think it could be a good area to invest in but would love some insight from those more familiar with the area.

Thanks in advance.

Although I don't have personal investment experience in the area, I've always been a fan of that area in general. With the university and Little Italy it provides a strong demand from students, residents, and say young professional looking to have a close commute to the loop.