I’m a new investor. Currently I have two duplexes. The first I used fha loan. I live on one side rent out the other. I recently bought another duplex with owner financing. Purchase price $63,120. I put 10k down. Gross rent $1400 per month. I’m very happy with the deal. The same owner has another duplex next to the one I just bought and is willing to do the same deal. Problem is I would have to come up with another 10k to get into that deal. I currently own my truck that is worth about 11k. I was thinking about selling that truck an leasing a new truck for 0 down an $325 a month. I need a truck for a couple side hustles I have going on right now. I don’t drive many miles a year I’m a truck driver that is only home 3 days a week. I’m looking on some opinions on if it is worth getting into this deal. Gross rent would also be $1400 on this property. Thanks