Best Neighborhoods to buy in Baltimore

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@Jean-Frank Dorvil with that wide a range both rental and flip properties as well as b,c or d properties I would say the neighborhood doesn't make near as much difference as the quality of the deal.  No neighborhood is gong to be consistently a great choice. But any neighborhood can have great deals.

Originally posted by @Jean-Frank Dorvil :

Hey Everyone,

What do you think are the best B, C, and D neighborhoods to buy in Baltimore?

For wholesaling and buy and holds?


Thats all relative .  What you consider a   " B" neighborhood could be a  " D " neighborhood to me .   Go drive the city look and learn 


Every deal is different and you have to "run the numbers" on it, but it does help to know where to start looking.

I spend time on Zillow and have seen evidence of flippers targeting neighborhoods west of the Gwynns Falls: Check out the sale of 303 Gwynn Ave for $155K. Two blocks away there is a house for sale for $52K. 

Also, try Hamilton: 6214 Hilltop Ave., for example.

Piggyback question: How are neighborhoods classified A,B,C, and D? What are each level's requirements?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

@Jean-Frank Dorvil I suggest you get to know either Belair Edison or Edmondson village. Both are low end homeowner / mid range rental areas.; meaning relative to Baltimore.  The are both in the low 100s ($100-135K) for a nicely renovated house.  

Anyone in the business in Baltimore will know those areas so they are good to compare to. If you say "I'd Like to have something a little nicer than Belair Edison", everyone will know what you mean. Knowing one of those areas will help you put in context other neighborhoods as you compare them. Generally you want at least as nice as these two areas to flip. Most investors want to flip in nicer areas. 

These two and lower are perfectly acceptable as rental areas. That means for someone not everyone.