Nashville TN emerging neighborhoods

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Hey everyone. I’m new to bigger pockets forum but have been reading/listening for a long time. I’m moving to fort Campbell pretty soon and I’m interested in buying at least one property in Nashville.

From my research it looks as though many desirable suburbs exist to the east, west and south of the city, but not to the north. This is surprising to me. I know I’m not the first service member to want to live close to Nashville while keeping the commute to Campbell as short as possible.

Can anyone shed some light on the north Nashville area, particularly Joelton, or any other neighborhood close to I-24 that would facilitate a smooth commute up north?

What sort of property are you looking for? Are you looking for multi or SFH? I have found multiple rehab deals in that area if you are looking for a fixer upper. North Nashville is definitely one of the high emerging neighborhoods, it will still be a bit before it completely transforms, but that's the best time to get in!

@Jack Barry

There is no longer a smooth commute from Davidson County to Clarksville/Ft Campbell.

Will not be one until they expand I-24 in 6-8 years.

If you must live near Nashville, Pleasant View is a decent compromise.