Opportunity to purchase a 10 one bedroom building.

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Location is in walking distance to downtown. 9 units rented, and one is not. Asking price of $775,000. I obviously would not pay that... My question is in regards to financing the deal. I do not have the 20% down to purchase this property. Are there ways to structure this where I wouldn't need as much down? Is there a way to do some sort of 5 year interest only financing, then re finance at that time? Interested in hearing all options!

If I were to go private lending, how would they be paid?  Then would I just refinance with a bank at the 5 year mark?  

Thank you guys in advance

Blaine, I am not affiliated in any way with this company but contact Arbor Realty Trust, an SBA loan provider.  I have talked with Brian at 617-960-1507.