Loan & Titling Structure for 1st Investment Property

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Hi all.  Wife and I are under contract on our first investment property in Boulder, CO. Yes, it is a tough market to cash flow due to home values but we decided to do it.  1BD 1BA 441 sqft condo VERY close to CU Campus.  Son will occupy home for first few years after closing as we'd rather pay ourselves rent than pay another landlord. 

This will be an owner occupied second home essentially.  We are locked in for 30 yr mortgage at 2.625% and we will put 25% or so down. 

My question is about structure of loan and title.  We do want our son's name on the title for the owner occupied status but aren't sure if there is any reason to put his name on the loan itself.  Also, do we buy title the home in the family trust adding my son or do we title it individually (Myself, wife and son)?

Hope this makes sense. 

Thank you, Geoff