Multifamily Package Contract in Kansas City (5 bdgs/20 units)

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Package of off-market multi-family properties in Northeast Kansas City, Missouri. 

  • 3 4plex's 
  • 1 6plex
  • 1 duplex 

Total: $650k

All 4 plex are fully occupied at $525/mo, $2100/mo gross per building. These 4 plexes have off street parking and are all adjacent to one another. 5 of the units are 3 bedroom, the rest are 2 bedroom units. Value add opportunity, or leave as is and still cash flow. 

6 plex - Fully occupied at $450/mo per unit, $2700/mo gross. All 2 bedroom units. Units have hardwood floors, and tile in kitchen.

Landlord pays water/common electric, and also gas for the 6 plex.

Duplex: Needs about $20k worth of work - top unit is 5 bedrooms, bottom unit is 2 bedrooms.

Contact me for more details.

Keywords: MF's, multifamilies, cash flow, multi-families, apartments, apartment, apartment building, KCMO, KC

Updated about 1 year ago

Please note this is a contract for sale (wholesale deal).

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