Hi All, 

I'm looking at establishing an Offshore Self-Directed IRA LLC in Belize in order to invest into a variety of foreign properties.

Current mapped out process => Custodian => Offshore SDIRA LLC => UBIT Blocker Corp => Real Estate Investment 1 w/ non-recourse loan.

I'm feeling confident on the above. However, while I'm evaluating properties, I don't want to have my funds tied up so I'm trying to think of the best way to invest funds from my Offshore SDIRA LLC into a brokerage account in order to trade stocks without getting hit with UBIT. I know I can have my custodian request to transfer funds into a different Self-Directed IRA account (which won't trigger the UBIT), but I'm trying to eliminate that hassle for every time I want to move money between my "UBIT Blocker Corp" & "Brokerage Account".

Ideal scenario would be to have my Offshore SDIRA LLC to have a brokerage account (TD Ameritrade) that I can pull funds from when ever needed, while also not getting hit with UBIT.

Any help our guidance would be much appreciated,