Vegas tenants EXPECT washer/dryer from a landlord?

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Hey guys!

Our 10 year washer (Admiral) in our 2-br house located in Sunrise Manor area of Vegas needs a 200$ repair. The rent is only 700$, so we were considering to entirely REMOVE washer/dryer from the premises (the lease permits us to do so). Before we do that, I want to make sure it will NOT be an issue to rent the house due to lack of washer/dryer. Do Vegas tenants EXPECT a washer/dryer from a landlord?

Thank you very much!

@Edita D.  , to directly answer your question, have you looked at what your competition provides?  That will tell you what most would expect.

When I bought a rental house earlier this year in a new area, the realtor/property manager told me that it wasn't expected for me to provide a refrigerator or stove much less washer/dryer, so you might be surprised what is the norm.

Beyond your direct question, though, I think you need to reconsider your plan.  First off, I can't see how any lease would allow you to remove amenities while still charging the same amount.  Even if you can, it doesn't project a very good image for you and your property(ies).  If there was a leak in a bedroom necessitating an expensive roof repair, would you just board up that bedroom?  Of course not.  You should be budgeting for maintenance and capital expenditures.

@Edita D.   while removing the washer might be permitted by the lease, I too would ask you to consider what it would be like for the tenant. Next time lease the washer and dryer back to the tenant. If they don't want them sell them on Craig's List. If they rent them, it'll give you some money to cover these kind of repairs. Here I can pay for a washer and dryer from Craig's list in less than a year. When I first started out it sometimes meant the difference between feeding the property from my pocket and breaking even.

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