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  • Negative cash flow?
    Replied May 27, 2015
    @John Yanko, if the negative cashflow is because of under market rents, vacancy, and poor management and you see definite areas for improvement, then you might be able to get a ... See more
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  • Can depreciation be written off against your paycheck
    Replied May 26, 2015
    @David Hayman, I'm not an accountant, so you should talk with a local professional, but if depreciation and other expenses cause your rental property to have a loss, then you c... See more
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  • New to BP new to real estate investing
    Replied May 25, 2015
    @Jomar Taveras, welcome to the site.There is a ton of great information here.  Start at the "Learn" section of the blue navigation bar, look through the forums and engage.  Make... See more
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