How do I start to lease properties for landlords? In and out fo state?

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I've been wanting to know how can I start to lease properties for landlords in and out of state? What is required ? Also how would I market to them that I can manage their properties and screen tenants for them as well. Basically becoming my own leasing agent.


Essentially, what you are describing is the role of a property manager. Most states have licensing requirements and laws in place to protect owners and tenants alike from inexperienced, unethical and unfair housing practices.

My recommendation to you is to get experience. You need to not only know how to lease a home but also know the lease language, landlord tenant laws, fair housing, appropriation of funds, escrow requirements, and last but not least; How to deal with difficult tenants.

The best way to get experience is to work with a local management company. This will also allow you the opportunity to not only learn the ropes but to also determine if this is a business that you will be happy pursuing before investing time and money into your own business. This business is not for everyone and the turnover for new managers is extremely high due to the stress.

Try searching this site for members who live in the Indy area and see if they might need some help or if they know anyone who does.

@Marcus Curtis  

 thanks that was a mouthful and what I most definitely needed to hear. I actually was offered a position to deal with a smaller company and those things. I appreciate the info.

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