Charlotte, North Carolina Rental Ordinance Questions

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I received a call from the community police officer saying there was a noise complaint from a neighbor. Apparently, my tenant had a loud party over Fourth of July Weekend (she said it was 5 people).

Anyway, I know that the property owener can get fined for having too many calls to the police because of tenant issues. But the community police officer said the city can tell you that you are not allowed to rent your property any longer. 

Does anyone know if this is true? If so, where is it written? I can not find the verbage in the rental ordinance.

This is the second compliant for noise from a neighbor by my tenant. The community officer suggested I start the evicition process. I thought that that was crazy - we did have issues prior (one of the roommates moved out claiming domestic abuse) but the last couple of months, things have been ok. She pays on time and the unit looks good. 

So, when do you say enough is enough? I don't want to be fined. and I certainly don't want to lose my ability to rent MY property.

Yes, I have talked to the tenant and I followed up with an email.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful.


@Lisa Wilson

I have not heard of the city telling anyone that they can no longer rent a property, but I do know that starting in 2013 Charlotte started requiring rental property owners to register with the city so they can be held more liable for what happens on their property.  If anything, it states that if there is determined that there is excessive violations at a property that a Remedial Action Plan with the city would be required.

Here are a link that might help

CMPD Rental Ordinance

@Lisa Wilson , you repeatedly said "community police officer" instead of simply "police officer."  Did you say it that way because it was not an actual Mecklenburg County Police Officer you spoke with?  Was it some sort of civilian tag along person?


She is a regular police officer but she patrols that community. 

I know about the registering of a rental property. This is how the officer contacted me because I registered the unit. 

I can not find the language that says the city can tell you you can't rent it. Do you see it? 

Thanks all. 

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