How to Prove Tenant on Lease no Longer Occupies Unit

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We are convinced a tenant no longer lives in his unit, but sublets it or uses it as an Airbnb. We've never seen him on sight, and when we knock on the door (maintenance, etc.) he's never there. He pays rent on time and responds to emails, etc. 

If he is subleasing, Airbnbing, or not occupying the unit he's in breach of his Lease and should be evicted. Anyone deal with this, or have any input? Thank you!

It's not what you know but what you can prove. Proving that might be very difficult or impossible. 

One thing I would try is sending a letter to that address with the actual tenants name. On the front of the envelope (which can contain blank paper or whatever) write "address correction requested". Be sure to either put your address for the return address or some other address where you can get it if it comes back.   IF he has filed a change of address with the post office you will get it mailed back to you from the post office with his new address on a yellow sticker on the outside of the envelope. Usually takes a week or so. Take the envelope to court as proof.  Check out your bills sometime. Most if not all of them say that or something similar on the outside of the envelope. A lot of them say "address service requested". It's the same thing.

Thank you, Damon. You're right in that it's what you can prove, and that's the tricky part. Interesting technique that you have there - I do know his mail continues to come in at this address though. I will work on leaving notices and a timestamp on his door and mail to see how the delay in response is. Appreciate the help!