Tenant In Multi-Family Property Broke Into Coin Operate Laundry

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Hi there. In my multi-family property we have a coin operated laundry, which I recently discovered has been broken into, presumably by one of the tenants. I am not sure which one is responsible.

Should I charge all tenants equally for the damage or just bear the cost myself since there is no evidence against anyone specifically?

I do plan to install cameras moving forward but haven't handled this before. Thanks.

I would definitely install camera's.

One of our investors did it to his 14 unit building recently. We caught a tenant this week that had been throwing there trash next to the dumpster repeatedly when there was plenty of room inside. The camera made it easy to solve the problem in no time.

I think just having them there will cut down on issues and should attract better tenants who appreciate the added security.

@Matt Sussman although it's tempting to charge all the tenants, there is no legal basis by which to do so. You can only charge the person who caused the damage, and since you can't prove who that was it's now your cost.

How do you know it was a tenant? Why couldn't it have been an outsider? Charging everyone sounds like a great way to get everyone mad at you, good luck with that!!

@Matt Sussman

Thank goodness you asked. You cannot legally charge everyone and you would piss off your tenants. Do install cameras and chalk this up as a cheap lesson learned. It could've been much worse actually.

Pissing off good tenants and getting sued would be much worse. Good thing BP is here :)

I'd let tenants know of vandalism,, and hopefully you reported it to police.

was a on going problem in our buildings,, outside riff raff..

We put in credit card style machines.. which I know are expensive to lease / own.

I'd just let tenants know anyone suspicious call the cops,, and keep laundry room access locked,, they are responsible to lock and if this happens again you might not be able to replace machines.. 

They would tip machines over,, cut up with sawsall, smash them apart and occupied unit was right next door..