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Hey Guys!

I'm looking to hire a property managers for my first rental property in Villa Rica GA.  My agent has offered to do it but his main business is selling the property and not PM. They are currently managing a few and is charging full first month rent and no monthly fee.  Is this normal?  Since I'm an out of state and first time investor, I wanna make sure I'm doing the right thing.  Can you please help?


I advise you get a professional go look on Narpm.org and you can find great companies there to help you out


Definitely look at NARPM, there are quite a few reputable, seasoned PM in the Atlanta area 

I would stick to using someone who actually does property management as their primary gig. You want someone who is well-versed and in the flow of doing it. 

I have a couple different PMs spread across all of my properties. They both focus on different types of properties. If you want to message me with details on the property, I'm happy to put you in touch with either one....whichever one may take that kind of property.

Thanks guys!  I looked at NARPM and I see lot of good ones but some have terrible reviews on the internet and even though they are NARPM pro members!  How do you vet these companies?  I'm really new to this and need some help

@Vishwas He Are those terrible reviews from owner clients or tenants? It can pretty much be expected that tenants are going to give property managers bad reviews because they are being paid to be the bad guy and enforce the terms of the lease. They are also the only ones around to blame for any and everything after a move out occurs and damages must be assessed against a security deposit. Tenant prospects also get pissed when they get turned down for a rental unit because they don't meet the criteria and of course they go post bad reviews.

Some bad tenant reviews should be badges of honor for the PM and a great indicator that the PM is doing their job for the owner. 

Regarding your agent who is willing to manage; you should run from that arrangement. Always seek out someone who specializes. in Property Mgmt. and not for the "part timer" with  a license plus when you say they're willing to manage with no monthly management fee that tells me right away you are dealing with someone who is clearly unqualified or just plain stupid. Someone tells you they will work for free that should set off alarm bells everywhere.,

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