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  • Looking for advice on a unique inheritance situation
    Replied May 26, 2018
    It all sounds great, but have any of you been helping with the management of the property, paying taxes, insurance repairs etc... please take that into consideration, as well as... See more
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  • Looking For My First Deal In Orlando!
    Replied May 26, 2018
    Ned, We have a great small investor group That meets once a month on a Saturday morning. Always great group to talk all things real estate. Please feel free to PM me for more info See more
    Reply 2 replies
  • Looking for advice on a neighborhood on Orlando
    Replied May 26, 2018
    Prashant, Please feel free to pm me. We actually have an apartment community under contract at mills and Virginia, so very familiar with the area and price ranges for rent See more
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I never like to waste my time. Pre screening your prospects is priority #1 in the who, what, why and whereWhen do they need to move in, I don't even show the prospect unless they need the home in t...

Member Blog Downside to Collecting all the rent upfront

I know it may sound appetizing and those dollar signs can look oh so great, but there are many downsides to collecting all the rent upfront. You also will need to check with your state and or munic...

Member Blog What do I do when a tenant disputes their claim on security deposit

I hear it ALL the time; that was like that when I moved in!!!! Ad nauseum… One thing I say over and over again; make sure that you have either taken photos, video or a thorough checklist prior to...