I have roof rats - what to do?

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got a quote from terminix. Thoughts?

                After my inspection of the property, I found roof rat droppings, urine stains and insulation tunneling in the attic, along with damage to vents and chewing on wires. Customer is complaining about rats in her walls, storage area, under her oven, kitchen sink and noises around chimney. Exterior inspection of the home found multiple gaps, holes, broken gable vents and more.

Terminix can permanently fix the house issues and Exclude all the rats to solve the problem for $710 plus tax, (includes $100 discount) full coverage for 1 year with an option to continue guarantee. We will also perform full Pest control with multiple traps and continuous follow up of 2 to 3 times per week for the next 3 weeks (or until solved)for $149 plus tax.(includes $50 discount) Pest Control coverage is for 3 months with an option for either you or your tenant to continue it for $99 per quarter. 

This is a process of blocking out the rats and feeding poison to the ones on the inside. It's simple enough. Just work the plan and do trial and error.

Best to you

Who do y'all usually have pay for this per your lease?

Roof rats are a MENACE and need to be dealt with ASAP!  This is a landlord responsibility.  Roof rats often come from fruit trees (food source) nearby that they then crawl to the roof line and enter the house from vents and open areas around the roofline and/or foundation line.

They are are a pain for Tenants as they scream and howl at all hours, especially at night.  It can be unjarring.

My suggestion is that you take care of this ASAP, foot the bill (because it is yours to take care of, not the tenant's responsiblity) and thank the Tenant for their tolerance.  You are lucky the Tenant is agreeable to stay and have it fixed.

Action is key.  Swift action is required.

I have worked with the Terminix "plans" before and they aren't really worth anything, as a previous poster stated sealing up entrances to the roof is the most important part, then poison or traps for a few weeks.  Generally I take it as the landlord's responsibility because you are sealing up the property with foam chicken wire etc. and you don't want your tenant doing that on their own.

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