How to get eviction judgement on tenant’s credit? (PA)

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Howdy - I have a judgement against an evicted tenant from a magistrate. Since it happened at the magistrate level and not county it doesn’t automatically go on his/her credit. Any recommendations on how to report this to the credit bureaus?

@Joseph Cutrona

Although I am a neighbor just over the Mason-Dixon, I am not familiar with the Commonwealth's systems. However, I did find this article on a Pittsburgh law firms site. About half way down it talks about needing to file the judgment in all the county courts where the person resides or owns property and the explaination of why it is beneficial.

If you don't feel like jumping through all of the hoops, maybe you want to consider placing your judgment for sale for a discounted rate. 

Good Luck!

You do not need a judgment to send someone to collections. I send people to collections all the time without taking them to court first. Contact your collection agency and I'm sure they'll explain the process.