Looking for my landlords in Portsmouth Virginia, quick question

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Trying to find out if anyone knows of an inspection that needs to take place by the Housing Authority, in the city of Portsmouth Virginia even if you do not plan to rent to Section 8?  I was informed by someone looking to invest in the area that, if you own an investment property in Portsmouth it must be inspected by housing authority before you can move any tenants into the property. 

Hi Robert,  yes that is true.  The City has to inspect your unit.  I think it costs about $50.  You should call and set up the appointment soon.  Sometimes it takes them up to a week to get you on the schedule.  


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Hi Robert,  yes that is true.  The City has to inspect your unit.  I think it costs about $50.  You should call and set up the appointment soon.  Sometimes it takes them up to a week to get you on the schedule.  


That's even if you DO NOT plan on doing section 8? Any idea what the penalty is for not having it done? I got a friend that owns some property in Portsmouth and I'm not sure he knows about this.

@Charles Williams thanks for confirming this information. I will be sure to have the inspection done before I try to move anyone in (once the time comes). My mom has had it with this place but she will stick it out a little while longer. I'm going to get her to sell it to me. not sure if you know but how is the Housing Choice Voucher Program in Portsmouth candidate wise? This is the route I think I will take when I own the place. Thanks again for your help.

@Joshua S. This is all the info that has been told to me, I don't know how much is true as it's just word of mouth.  I'm not sure of the exact penalty but I know they will sue you and take you to court if you don't pay the fine. Not sure how much you have to pay though. They will also give you up to a year to have them come inspect it. if it passes your good but if it fails and you had people living in there ... it doesn't turn out well. 

Guys - let me shed some lights.  Portsmouth requires a rental inspection that is completely separate from SEC 8.  It is $40, must be paid in advance, and you call the Permit and Inspections office to schedule it.  They will let you have a credit balance so you don't have to wait for them to receive your funds in order to schedule an inspection.  Like in every city, if you pass the rental inspection the first time, you are eligible for a 4 year exemption. If you fail and require a reinspection, you are required to have another inspection in a year, irregardless of whether or not your tenant moves.  These are annual inspections, and do not  ride with your tenant's leases.

If you want to SEC 8, you then have to get a second, different, inspection from SEC 8.  The Housing Authority won't schedule their inspection until you provide them with a copy of the pass slip saying you already passed the city inspection.

Don't even get me started on Portsmouth!

@Patti Robertson Thank you for your input. I believe I have crossed your path before in the past. From what I recall I think we talked about you participating in sec 8 program (I know it has a knew name, just easier to type). So, do you have any of those in Portsmouth? Is the market for this saturated in this area or as long as you have a good place you should be fine? Also do you happen to know of any PM that service Portsmouth?

@Robert Rodriguez - Yes, I have many properties with Portsmouth SEC 8 - both those that I own and those that I manage for others.  Personally I am not purchasing any more to hold in Portsmouth, but I will manage there and am not selling what I own.  It is by far the most expensive city to operate in - tolls, highest tax rate, inspection fees,  required utility deposits regarless of credit, etc.  The big issue I have with Ports vs every other housing authority in our market is that the others tell us if they will pay our requested rent 1st, and then move on to inspection.  In Portsmouth you have to pass not 1, but 2 inspections (as we pointed out in the above conversation), BEFORE they will tell you if they will pay your requested rent amount.  In all other cities as soon as we pass inspection we can sign the lease and move the tenant in.  In Portsmouth we are not allowed to move the tenant in until we get a call or email from a case worker.  We had one this summer that was literally a week after inspection before they let us move the tenant in. And on more than one occasion they have notified us months after move in that they made a mistake and need to lower the rent.  I always appeal if they clearly make a bad decision and sometimes they give in.  

I’m not the only one who thinks they are running amuck.  Take a read at this...