High rise building caused my tenants washer/dryer to break

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Hi all,

I have an apartment unit in a high rise building. The building had some hot water issues which required them to shut down the water. Unfortunately when they turned the water back on it shot up debris such as rust through the pipes and into appliances. I had to come and fix the dishwasher which luckily (knock on wood) was an easy fix. 

Now with the washer/dryer they’ve come out twice now to clean the drain pipes and made sure water was flowing in and out properly free of and debris. But then my tenant later on notifies me she continues to get an “OE error”. I’ve requested maintenance engineers come out tomorrow again but I’m now afraid it’s more of an internal issue. If you were in my shoes would you pursue trying to have the management of the building pay for any third party costs to fix this? It’s clearly correlated to the pipe event since both machines were working just fine. Thank you for any input. 

@Daniel F. The fix might take less time then fighting about responsibility. Have the tenant disconnect the hoses - the washer should have a screen on the male adapters. If lots of crud was knocked into the pipes, that screen could very likely be clogged blocking any water flow to the washer.

The maintenance already unhooked the whole machine, drained the pipes, and let water run for a bit to ensure the water running. Issue is I don’t think they ran it for a full cycle to realize the error that is still going on.