Investing in Chester PA D class Neighborwood

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Hie guys is there anyone who is investing in Chester PA , the D class Neighborwood? I saw some cheap houses there. Is it easy to find tenants or section 8? What are the rents like in that town? Am looking for a cash flow property. I understand the taxes are pretty reasonable too. Am an out of state investor from New York.

@Chipo Asare , I can't speak to Chester PA; however, if Section 8 there is anything like in my area, those with S8 vouchers are able to live in any home where the landlord will accept it and the rent is deemed to be affordable, which includes some B and many C class locations. This means they do not have to live in a D class neighborhood just because they're on Section 8. Thus, those with S8 vouchers who accept living in D class are doing so for reasons... Be VERY certain that you really want to deal with those "reasons".

I look for 1% deals and have a few that are near 2% (haven't broken that threshold just let), but I don't think I would want those headaches even if they were at 4%.

@Chipo Asare Chester, Pa. is consistently named as one of the most dangerous cities in the US. My suggestion would be to firs, find a good property manager that is willing to manage in Chester, before buying anything. That may be a difficult thing to do, so I would nail that down early in your process.