Washer/dryer: Should I take it out if I rent out to 6 students

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I'm sti deciding whether to rent out to a family or students. But if it comes down to renting out to students and I fully cover all utilities. Should I leave the washer/dryer or should I take them out. Thank you.

Do other rentals in your area have washer and dryer? If so, Keep it and make sure the rent covers all the utilities. FYI, when people don't pay utilities, but have free reign, they will leave things on for no reason. They may even allow friends to come use their FREE washer and dryer. Imagine your water and utility bills.

You should get a coin-operated washer/dryer set. 6 students are all about to have laundry parties with all of their friends/significant others. I can hear it from here, "oh come on over, babe, I have free laundry."

GF: "oh, but can my roommate Tiffany wash her clothes there, too?

Tenant: "sure, I don't care. It's not like I pay for it. Just be mindful about the other 5 people running the washer/dryer every week and for all their friends."

I would take it out because it will only be abused. Even a coin-op isn't worth it because you'll have tenants abusing it, leaving their laundry in it for three days and causing fights, creating a mess in the laundry room, etc.

I would avoid paying for any utilities if you can avoid it.

If you remove the washer and dryer they can just get their own and hook them up.